Preparing For A New Dog

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Adopt A Dog Part 2

Prepare your house for your dog
If your home is not already set up for a pet dog, it is very important that you “doggie-proof” your house. Go through and remove and/or relocate any potential hazards that your pet may come across. Take into consideration its breed tendencies, personality, and size when preparing your home or your pet’s living area.

The first dog we had broke through our screen door and did their business all over our carpet. It was so bad that we had to hire our local Hawaii carpet cleaners. Take these precautionary steps before you end up having to call your carpet cleaners.

  • Block any access points that you want to restrict your dog from accessing or that may be harmful to them.
  • Get covers for trash cans or large containers without lids.
    Secure or enclose low storage areas that your dog may be able to access especially where you store food or chemicals.
  • Block or cover anything with sharp corners that could cut your dog.
    Cover toilets.
  • Ensure your dog’s living area is fenced off and block any holes that your dog may be able to get through or break through.
  • Relocate or separate access from other pets that are in your home (at least until your new dog is proven to get along with them).
  • Relocate or remove any plants that could be harmful/toxic to your dog.
  • Be sure the asses, or at least be conscious of, other areas of the home that may be of concern if your dog is in those areas.

Buy the essential items that you will need for your new dog.
The keyword is essential. This may include a leash, collar, food, water bowl, and food dish. a dog house, etc.

It’s a good idea to allow the newly adopted dog to get used to its new home and environment. After he/she has gotten used to the area then more items like toys will be more comforting for your new family member.

Find A Veterinarian
Adoption shelters sometimes ask you if you have a vet to go to for when you adopt your pet. Here are some tips on how to screen for a veterinary practice for your new dog:

  • Contact your local vets and ask them if they have experience with your kind of dog breed. Ask them if they’re comfortable working with your dog’s breed and if they are able to care for your dog’s special needs if any.
  • Ask what are their recommendations for the care of your dog. This may include suggestions on visits, vaccines and/or tests needed, and how often.


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