How To Adopt A Dog

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Adopt A Dog


Research Dog Breeds
Different dog breeds have different personalities and breed groups tend to have similar traits. Different breeds also have different needs. Understanding the different types of dog breeds will help you to choose the type of dog that will fit your lifestyle and wants.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right breed:

  • Match the type of breed with your activity level. Some dog breed tends to be active and some mellow. If you are an active person that plans to go on walks/runs with your dog, choose a breed that is known to be more active and full of energy. If you are the mellow type that wants a house pet companion, choose a mellow type of dog breed.
  • Take account of your living area. Some dog breeds thrive in large spaces to run around and exert their high energy. If you only have a limited living space like a room or studio, a lower energy breed would be recommended.
  • Consider your available time. Adopting a puppy will require more time from you to nourish and train. If you are limited on time to do all of that, maybe an older, mature, and already drained dog would suffice.

Special Needs Dogs
Consider the needs of your desired dog to be adopted. When adopting a dog, sometimes they may need special care. There are many types of special needs dogs may have such as extra vet care, those with disabilities, and emotional trauma to name a few.

  • Be sure that you understand the needs of the dog that you are committed to adopting. A dog that has a chronic condition may need frequent visits to the vet so time and finances have to be considered along with any other expenses the dog may need.
  • Make time for the dog. Sometimes dogs with special needs will need extra time and attention to help get it accustomed to its new environment. Be sure to set aside that time to nourish your newly adopted dog.
  • Ask the shelter or rescuer of any specific needs of the dog that they know of beyond the typical “he needs a new happy family”. Knowing is half the battle for a successful adoption.

Visit The Shelters
There are various dogs of different breeds, training levels, and obedience at shelters and foster home programs. Here are some tips when scouting out your new pet at the shelters:

  • Save some time by doing some research on the shelters beforehand. There may be information that you can gather to help you determine if a shelter is a good place to visit or not for your search. Some shelters post up profiles of their temporary doggie guests. Check them out.
  • Inquire to be placed on the shelter’s contact list if you are looking for a particular breed and/or specifications so that they may contact you if they do get a dog that you may desire.
  • Search your local breed rescue. If you are looking for a particular dog or desire a pure breed, search online for a breed rescue. They may exist in your local area.



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