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rhino-400268_960_720Because most animals, due to their perceived inferiority to humankind’s ability to act as exemplary guardians of the earth, cannot read, they are unfamiliar with the writings of some the world’s greatest-known peacemakers, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr., Gandhi and the Dalai Lama, to name a few. The writings of these humane leaders spoke in the main about the message of peace rather than conflict, and the importance of loving one another, including all other animal species. Observant readers may have noted that we mentioned ‘most’, not all, animal species are unable to read.


Learn to communicate well with animals


Because, truth be told, some animals are being taught to read (and write and speak) just as humans sometimes do. Most people already know that budgies and parrots find it very easy to learn to communicate with their captors, even while bravely enduring the trauma of being trapped in small cages all day long. Not many people, on the other hand, seem to know that these charming birds’ cousins out in the jungles of the earth’s rapidly declining green lungs are being threatened and driven to the brink of extinction.


Scientists have shown that it is now quite possible for primates to learn how to read, write and communicate with their ‘superior’ captors. Some have even been to outer space and lived to tell the tale, let us just say, to their mates. The chimpanzees much larger relatives, who once reigned supreme across Central Africa, have not been as fortunate in being given a reprieve and resigning themselves to a life of co-operation with or incarceration by man. The film, Gorillas in the Mist, and Dian Fossey’s life-long campaign to save this majestic species, fore-grounded just how brutally cruel mankind had become.


How cruel man has become


not-266530_960_720Over a period of thousands of years, man had become so vicious in his methods to usurp large tracts of land and the natural treasures that came with it, he was even prepared to annihilate indigenous men, women and children, far removed from his own culture and religion, to the brink of extinction as well. The Australian Aborigines’ beloved kangaroos haven’t fared much better at the hands of their captors. It is quite true that these unusual creatures can kick wildly and pack a massive punch without the aid of a worn pair of softened bag gloves.


But, alas, these antipodean beasts’ unique fighting skills have not been enough to rescue them from the savagery of their colonial masters. Today, kangaroos are bred and harvested much like docile cattle and battery chickens. For now at least, they are spared the cruel humiliation of the Russian bears that are tightly chained to rusting poles before being paraded in front of amused Caucasians like circus clowns.



This post may be ending on a grim note, but it is for a good cause worth fighting for. Because as long as we stand by idly watching others slaughter Africa’s cherished rhinoceros and lions, among other species across the world, this post will become history, recollecting what once was.

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stand-up-paddling-1030863_960_720The late Sir Richard Attenborough’s film adaptation of the eccentric Canadian trapper, fondly known as Grey Owl by the indigenous people and settlers who lived and traded close to his hunting grounds, showcased a sad irony about man and his natural surroundings. Here, we are encouraging you to spend more time outdoors in order to immerse yourself in nature, and there, Grey Owl was killing more than enough bears, deer and even the industrious beavers to provide him with a steady income. But the real irony was that in his heyday, this pioneer knew much more about nature and the flora and fauna that needed to live in it to make a positive difference long before the middle of the previous century.


Poachers have every tool of trade


But, during the nineteen-thirties, cold-hearted Grey Owl seemed certain that he was entitled to be at the head of the food chain and replicate the National Socialist’s warped ideology of the survival of the fittest out in the wild. He did not dwell much on the fact that he always had an unfair advantage with his hunting rifles and deadly, jaw-snapping traps. Not even the great Canadian bears had a fighting chance.


Fortunately, most of Grey Owl’s commercial hunting activities were conducted on foot. Today, the picture is a lot bleaker and more dangerous for the animal kingdom. Poachers have every conceivable disposable tool available to circumvent and deceive the most vigilant game rangers and strictest laws. Mounting an off-road mini LED light bar on the front of their truck is a cinch, and these devious creatures are then able to roar deep into the night and catch their prey unexpectedly and with brute force.


Be part of the drive


snowmobiles-535686_960_720Fortunately, game rangers and wardens are, slowly but surely, catching up with these rogues and are better-equipped, thanks to government legislation but mostly due to private funding and anti-poaching initiatives which are widely available to interested parties via the internet. Non-governmental organizations generally immerse their reading public with as much education as possible with some even encouragingly inviting them to join them in their drives and truly become part of nature. Fund-raising initiatives invariably research innovatively to land at websites such as this one and suggest new tools of trade for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.


But let’s face it, apart from spending time with us here, you should not wait to be invited to spend more time outdoors and become part of nature. You do not need much to set you and your family on your way. The nearest park or hiking trail is just a short drive away from you surely.


Deep in the urban jungle


Even if you live deep in the urban jungle, you can still take part in the mission to save as many wildlife species as possible. Apart from the widely available internet literature, your nearest library or network channel will have dozens of documentaries for you to look at. You may even come across Attenborough’s Grey Owl. It’s well worth watching anyway.

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One of the most tragic reasons why animals have been abused or maimed so badly over the years is down to people’s ignorance. Another tragedy due to people’s lack of knowledge on the importance of sustaining the earth’s biodiversity has led to the drastic endangerment of hundreds of wildlife species, from the most minute to the largest known mammals. The lack of enlightenment and care by men and women is compounded further because many of them already received a reasonably good education at the very base level of high school. This would have meant that at some stage or another, they had studied flora and fauna.


Help is at hand


But there was a missing link during the time that past generations of high school students sat for their finals. Back then, most people were taught by rote. Many dedicated students, sure enough, were able to effectively memorize facts and events and pass their tests and exams with flying colors. But rarely did they absorb much, let alone learn anything. At college and senior university level, learning outcomes were better, if not challenging for most students who were not well-equipped for this level of higher learning.


In accordance with their choice of career, students were rewarded for their dedication and an enriching life which responded to their callings beckoned. It should not be surprising to learn that most veterinary surgeons and care givers are able to heal and nurse animals, domestic or wild, as well as we’ve seen them do. But there are not enough of these dedicated custodians to respond to the animal kingdom’s cry for help. Fortunately, help is at hand. And no-one needs to wait until college to educate themselves properly anymore.


Learning to care for the self will help save other lives too


This particular website reminds us of how the internet has changed the face of education for the better. It resonates with how well colleges and many other educational sectors have responded to the need to make their classrooms accessible to as many people, young or old, as possible. Learning about animal rights, animal welfare and basically how to take proper care of our pets at home is also sponsored with well-versed websites which often have authoritative and qualified teams of vets and animal rights activists writing for them.


Care of the environment, and the knowledge to empower us to do this, starts with caring for ourselves. Health-oriented sectors and organic living proponents have also responded well. By providing web-based content at the click of the (computer) mouse, doors are being opened to more young people who dream of one day becoming medical doctors, dietitians, beauty technicians or social workers.


It makes perfect sense for those who have been tasked with being earth’s custodians to learn to take better care of themselves. By doing that, they also inherit a better awareness of their natural surroundings and learn to love (and care) for all that lives in it.

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Walk to help fight animal crueltyWalks form an effective way to get a message across to people. Whether it is for a charitable cause or for promoting a social cause, walks bring together people of different social status and help them bring about a change for good.

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a humane organization and the first in the United States that has been granted authority legally to investigate and enforce law related to animal rights violations. The organization ensures that its mission is completed by non-violent means mostly. The organization based in New York City conducts many programs with anti-cruelty goals all over the country.

Treating animals with respect

Founded by Henry Bergh ASPCA was launched in the year 1866 with the intention of gaining respect and kindness for animals. The organization provides several lifesaving services and programs to help animals in the country. People who are interested in supporting the cause can take part in the walks organized by ASPCA.

While taking part in such walks it is best to wear comfortable shoes, so you do not get tired easily. Cycling and running are also arranged as part of the fundraising and educating programs organized by ASPCA. Other organizations such as PETA too organize such walks and runs to bring about better awareness about the plight of animals.

The ASPCA has not altered its mission from the time of its inception 146 years back and is still fighting as zealously for preventing cruelty meted out to animals in the United States.

Successful campaigns

animal rightsAt present, the organization has been helping in combating hoarding of animals, dog fighting, puppy mills and stopping cruelty to farm animals and horses. Ever since the later part of 19th century, the organization has been fighting to protect animal rights in circus events.

Walks have been arranged for stopping sales of exotic pets and cockfighting. The organization is active in three main aspects namely caring for pets and pet parents, improving positive outcomes for animals at risk, and providing service to animal cruelty victims. The walks organized for such objectives are immensely popular and see many volunteers who turn up with sturdy shoes such as Parkour Shoes and support the cause with zeal.

Raising concern

While most people love animals and raise pets as their own children, cruelty to animals continue unabated due to the sanctioned and legal acts of cruelty such as animals raised in factory farms and slaughterhouses that experience suffering and pain to a great extent. Cattle, sheep, whales, fish, and other animal species are abused on daily basis making the entire issue one of great concern.  Since animal industries are highly profitable there has not been any stringent laws regarding the treatment meted out to the animals.

While a big change in animal slaughter for food cannot be expected, we can try making little changes in our lifestyle. For instance, when you shop for food, try avoiding meats, eggs and dairy products, which have been produced by subjecting animals to cruelty. Switching over to organic and vegan foods will help you contribute towards lessening the cruelty that animals suffer at the hands of humans.

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Animal welfare issues of concernThose who support animal welfare concentrate on promoting and encouraging welfare reforms in nonhuman animals. They strive to make treatment of animals as much humane as possible with various campaigns like foie grass and fur, promoting cage free type of eggs and beef, which are grown purely on grass.

Such measures are intended to ban animal use, while other animal welfare supporters are not against using animals provided they do not suffer much. Humane treatment in short is the main goal for those in animal welfare. Animal welfare faces some major difficulties in its approach.

Lack of protection for animals

The measures did not provide much difference to the protection of animals and their interests. For instance, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had campaigned to make many of the leading fast food restaurant chains including McDonald’s to follow the slaughter and handling method of Temple Grandin, but irrespective of whether the method is followed or not, a slaughterhouse remains a hideous place, which makes the entire animal welfare objective mute here.

Many animal welfare organizations are encouraging alternative gestation crates for use in pigs, but such measures when viewed closely deal with only expensive campaigns and do nothing towards the actual protection as they have several loopholes that allow exploiters to do as they wish. Similarly, improvements in animal welfare have also not made many inroads into the situation.

Organic meat has however reached across the population as more and more people have started preferring organically grown vegetables and meat. It is possible to grow plants even indoors with efficient grow lights. And LEDs are used in chicken and pig farms for maintaining the right temperature. Organic farming has become very common now.

Makes people feel better

The various measures taken with regard to animal welfare has made people feel better on exploiting animals and using them. People who had earlier avoided eating animal foods due to the bad treatment of animals have started to eat them after the organizations promoting animal welfare persuaded them about the humane treatment the animals were receiving.

But ironically, with increased welfare measures, animal suffering was found to increase. This is because with increased success of welfare measures, the use of animals’ increased leading to more suffering. A fitting example for this situation is veal consumption in Europe. The consumption has increased due to the regulation brought on the confinement of the veal calves.

No change in animal status

The various measures introduced to improve animal welfare are focused on exploiting animals efficiently and do not, like animal rights, ban use of animal meat.   Animal welfare thus safeguards animal interests only to protect the economic benefits provided by animals for humans and treats animals as commodities only.

For instance, in poultry industry the alternative to crates, used for gestation, has been adopted as it saves costs, increases revenue, quality of meat and shelf life and improves conditions of the workers and all this do not in any way relate to welfare of the animals.

While organic meat belongs to this category, organic or homegrown vegetables and fruits are healthy and even protect plants well. From the Effective Grow Tents to LED grow lights there are several beneficial tools that help in organic farming indoors and in all weather conditions.

Even as more money is funneled into animal welfare, it serves to increase exploitation of animals, while abolition or vegan education is neglected largely as both cannot be done simultaneously.

November 10, 2015

Music is Not Noise Pollution

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Even in your own home, there is noise everywhere. Step out off to work, into the busy slipstream of peak hour traffic, what do you get? More noise. Even at the office, the continuous hum of workers interacting with each other, when you think about it, can be termed noise. Construction sites have noise all day long. Even for a few hours over weekends, there is noise at the ball game. Peace lovers, in the sense of peace and quiet and not global peace, will tell you that noise pollution is possibly the most underrated form of pollution in these days of global warming and climate change.

Music is good for the soul

The uninitiated may take it for granted that noise is an unavoidable and necessary part of daily life for humankind. Noise cannot be seen, touched or smelled, only heard. But the next time you arrive home from work one evening with a piercing head ache, you might want to re-evaluate your impressions about noise pollution. Think about the daily stress that you encounter during your busy day. Much of this has to do with the incessant, never-ending drone of noise.

And where sound is concerned, think about what relaxes you the most. Most people listen to music to block out the daily, noisy grind. It’s hardly noise pollution. In fact, it’s quite good for the human soul. Even animals have been known to take a liking to the milder forms of music. Perhaps heavy metal and hard rock performed in front of thousands of manic fans needs to be excluded from this equation. And gone are the days when people need to be unnecessarily irritated or annoyed by some inconsiderate youth’s loud tunes being played from his stereo.

Headphones block out noise

These days, most folks, young and old, have a decent pair of headphones to block out exterior noise while calmly listening to their favorite music. You could be sitting next to such a music lover on the bus or tube train. And because you cannot hear a sound, you are none the wiser. For all you know, he could be listening to great jazz classics or classical piano concertos. You only have a visual impression, just by noticing the expression on his face.

Back at home, no-one needs to be far removed from the great concert halls to experience the best-known compositions. Imagine if you or one of your young kids learned how to play the grand piano. Fortunately, these imaginings are possible when you source the accessible alternatives of electronically tuned pianos. It doesn’t have to end there either. There are other instruments within reach of every single household across the world if the acoustic originals are too expensive.

All things being equal, whether you are actually playing a live instrument or just sitting back listening to records, take joy in the fact that music is not noise pollution. Rather, it serves as a sustainable counter against the real hard noise of today’s chaotic life.

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controller-852271_1280In the context of this post and in the wider context of this website which fights for the rights of animals and strives to care for the vulnerable creatures under attack and harmed, the term ‘gaming’ does not refer to playing video games or gambling.

In the spirit of this website’s mission to make an invaluable contribution towards environmental stability and to influence as many readers as possible, this chosen term of gaming refers to both custodianship and responsible hunting of wildlife in light of the growing number of species which are endangered. In some areas of the world and mainly on the continent of Africa, certain wildlife species are so critically endangered; hunting needs to be outlawed altogether.

Critical endangerment

We also need to critically examine the motivations for hunting and remind readers that excessive hunting does not take place on land alone. Excessive hunting of entire species of whales from the sea by mainly Scandinavian nations and Japan needs to be drastically curbed. Proponents in favor of hunting whales and dolphins will argue that the evidence is not solid enough to suggest that these sea mammals are endangered. The problem in Japan is pertinent because many Japanese insist that eating whale meat is part of a long cultural tradition stretching over centuries.

Moving across to China and South East Asia, Vietnam in particular, another serious problem is prevalent. The danger of the entire species of both white and black rhinoceros being wiped out within years is so critical that even with strong enforcement; it appears that legislation within affected countries is futile. Simply put, law enforcement against callous poachers must be given the same vigilant attention as that given to serial rapists and child traffickers.

Hunters need to join the cause

By using just a few examples, readers are reminded just how serious the problem of wildlife endangerment is. But most game rangers recognize that as custodians of wildlife, ‘responsible’ hunting is still necessary in some parts of the world. To better equip them for their arduous tasks, they need the right tools, such as long-distance rangefinders, rifles and rangers, along with the legislative support that allows them to do their jobs.

Hunting-affiliated websites such as Range Finder Advice even leave caring hunters with some clues on how they can explore environmentally friendly alternatives for their sport or commissions. But there is no better way for hunters to become involved in this necessary cause of saving the entire wildlife environment across the globe than by joining a watchdog non-governmental organization which will have use of their services.

Traditions do not need to be endangered too

Hunting has been a tradition for humankind for thousands of years. We could suggest that no-one, not even the staunchest of pro-wildlife advocates would want hunting to be abolished entirely. Where such decimated indigenous communities exist, they still set a good example for all to follow in terms of responsible hunting. And all these communities are doing are simply hunting to put food on the table without doing any noticeable damage to the environment and the species that live within these environments.

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Apart from the drive towards environmental sustainability, there is also a more urgent drive by many citizens from around the world to start up their own businesses. Because many people had become used to the idea of being employed securely with one company for many years, starting their own businesses today remains challenging. They had become secure in comfort with familiar routines which entailed showing up for work on time every morning, working a set number of hours five days a week, returning home at night to be with family, and picking up a guaranteed pay check at the end of each month.

Environment friendly businesses are profitable ventures

The global shift in the way businesses are being run today in order to contain costs, mainly to remain competitive, has seen to it that this familiar work life scenario is a thing of the past. Even when blue collar workers, skilled artisans and professional people are employed by large, multinationals, they can no longer say that their job is secure for the long term. But there are exceptions. Fortunately, these exceptions relate to companies whose primary goal, apart from making a profit, is to provide services and manufactured products which contribute towards reducing all role players’ carbon footprints and sustaining the world’s environment for the long term.

A step ahead of most workers who are still dealing with the trauma of losing their jobs suddenly, savvy entrepreneurs have already focused their attention on businesses which coincide well with a greener environment. They have learned that the costs of doing business the green way are far less than previously conventional (and now cumbersome) practices. Also, a lot of these startup companies began life from the home by utilizing small tools and equipment such as the products listed on this website which make little or no impact on the environment.

Look for inspiration

When you start your own home business, it may not seem like much in the beginning. For inspiration, try thinking about some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs who started their businesses from their garage. You could research this and explore how they became the great innovators of modern times. Whether you are using your own oven to bake cakes or biscuits, or using a versatile over-locker to darn and stitch your neighbors’ clothes, the startup costs are encouragingly modest.

Most of you already have access to the internet at home, so there is no reason why you can’t start researching and looking for niche areas worth exploring. Reducing your overheads for now, you can keep your product range small. After the first few inexpensive sales, you can then plan for the next stage of growing your business.  But try and think about ways on how your small business can make a huge impact on reducing the carbon footprint within your local environment.

The green horizon

Finally, don’t be caught in the cocoon of fear. Get out there and broaden your horizons. Network with like-minded people. Register with small business associations in your area. Think green and work your way up from there.

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recycle-29227_1280When it comes to environmental sustainability and greening your home, one of the buzzwords used to suggest alternatives to carbon-rich products is still a misnomer for most people who are not yet familiar with the concept or understand it well enough. Previously, everything associated with the use of electricity was linked directly to wastage and too much expensive (and unnecessary) power being used.

But these days, when you use recommended electric alternatives, there is more emphasis on power and cost savings. The importance of making a hugely positive contribution towards environmental sustainability has been elevated.

The road towards a green future

Most people, understandably, still do not know where to begin to make such an impact, not only on the environment, but in their lives and homes. They are still reliant on conventional methods of power use which is supplied from an electricity-generated regional or national grid via their local municipality. Rural dwellers, many are doing this already, are better positioned to fit their homes with green alternatives of power usage, mainly by default.

Because they are far removed from urban centers, national grids are not always accessible to them. Where urban dwellers are concerned, the logistics of using (green) electrically-powered products remain challenging. But today, more than ever before, web-based resources such as these demonstrate how easy it has become to power your life and surrounding environment with environmentally sustainable power sources. It provides environmental sustainability novices with guides on how to power up, if you will, while drastically reducing their carbon footprint, both in the home and on the road.

Although their drive remains largely strategic and is still too slow, mainly because of marketing and financial imperatives, auto manufacturers and tech companies continue to develop and manufacture what is popularly known as hybrids.

Start practicing for your green future

waterfall-384663_1280But because the cost of electric battery powered cars remain out of reach for most consumers, this wonderful trend towards greener and less polluting mobile initiatives will take some years before it is used on a much larger and desirable scale. Tech and auto companies, in general, also seem to be aligning their processing timelines with short-term carbon emission targets dictated by economically dominant nations (loosely known as the G7 and G20 group of nations) and global gatherings such as COP.

But in the meantime, with time quickly running away from us in terms of saving the environment, small things can lead to great achievements, particularly if there is a collective effort from all people. A great way to begin practicing for a cleaner and less noisy future is to begin researching products which are made from natural resources without damaging the environment. By way of a simple example, have a look at Long Boarding Nation’s product descriptions.

Now there are dozens of product review based websites which new environmental activists can use as templates for testing which products make the least impact on their environment. You can also start practicing as early as today.

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Having read some of the previous posts on this website you will have gathered that this uniquely voiced vehicle is more than just rescuing vulnerable animals in need. This need to rescue animals should also serve as a metaphor for our own lives, not a paradox or a subject that is uncomfortable to talk about for some and tragically of little or no interest to others. This website is also about caring and preserving the sanctity of life in general. What does it say about a human being who cares little about the creatures that he has been given divine control over?

More action and less talk

Fortunately, the race to save lives is a lot more urgent than ever before. There is a sense of time running out while politicians and non-governmental organizations gather for one meeting after another merely to shift goalposts and quite literally, buy more time. Surely by now politicians and big business can see that the deviant tactic of trying to secure billions more in taxable dollars is not entirely working. After all, where there is exponential gross domestic product growth in some parts of the world, including in the USA, it is modest.

Even the world’s fastest growing economy, China, has begun to see reduced growth. This trend is indicative of (mostly mined) resources no longer being in demand. This is a blessing in disguise because there is more focus on environmentally sustainable alternatives towards securing organic growth in the future. It is hoped that this year’s meeting of the Congress of Parties, taking place in Paris next month, will yield more progress in light of the alarming urgency.

Stepping up to reduce your carbon footprint

But you do not need to wait for politicians and thought leaders to make decisions on your behalf and for the creatures that you say you care so much about. Going green, you can begin to save lives right in your own home. Re-read some of our earlier posts on just a few things you can start doing as early as today. Going green also means that you need to stay healthy. Apart from addressing your lifestyle and diet, you also need to get into shape.

Start taking this proactive route by visiting websites such as this one which can guide you on how to get started. But for many health-conscious activists, this practice is slowly but surely becoming a sore point; travelling backwards and forwards to gym. What this does to the environment is one thing, but begin thinking about what a difference you can make by simply setting up your own built for home power rack. Apart from saving money, you are drastically reducing your impact on the earth’s carbon footprint.

Spend more time at home

Spending more time at home, not necessarily isolating yourself, will help in promoting environmental sustainability. And apart from no longer driving to gym every day, folks should also be walking to their nearest organic produce store. Or simply start up their own vegetable garden.